Ash Bell Creative | NAISDA @ Carriageworks

NAISDA @ Carriageworks

  • 22 Jan

  • Ash Bell

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Naya Wa Yugali (We Dance) was a multimedia exhibition at Carriageworks of celebrating 40 years of the Indigenous dance school NAISDA, the dance school that Bangarra was formed from, including 13 video documentations of oral histories, recounting the school’s cultural, artistic and political significance.

Curated by Tahjee Moar, Interviewed by Daniel Browning (ABC), Filmed by Ash Bell and Emma Paine, Edited by Ash Bell.

Featuring stories and interviews from: Stephen Page, Hon. Linda Burney, Sean Choolburra, Raymond Blanco, Tim Bishop, Clarence Slockee, Carole Johnson, Vicki Van Hout, Lillian Crombie, Monica Stevens, Sidney Saltner, Aunty Faye Nelson and Lucy Jamawan.