Ash Bell Creative | Amadeus


  • 15 Nov

  • Ash Bell



Directed by Stephen Lloyd-Combs

Sets by Ash Bell

Costumes by Peter Hensen


The elements to the set, created by Ashley Bell, comprising a few drop curtains, some chairs, a pianoforte and assorted props, support the action and atmosphere and work perfectly with minimal fuss. The costumes by Peter Hensen are in complete harmony with this set. Together they create a world that attempts to be lavish but is a little tatty and tacky in places, a slight suggestion of rancor and decay, something a bit rotten. Venticello has a few too many beauty patches, their stockings become dirty, make-up is not uniform, chairs that are not completely matching. It’s perfect, particularly with the clam shaped footlight shades that reside at the front of the stage.

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Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus, most well known for its 1984 Oscar winning film interpretation, is running in October/November at The Genesian Theatre on Kent Street in Sydney.