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About Ash

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Ash is a freelance production designer and visual artist from Sydney, with work spanning through installation, film and theatre. Ash’s main experience lies in set, prop and costume design/construction and art direction, from commercial prop styling work, to experimental installation experiences.

Ash graduated from AFTRS in 2012 having studied both Foundation and Screenwriting – However found herself constantly gravitating towards the hot glue gun and loud colours, and has been learning through industry experience and research ever since.

Ash is currently studying Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture, Performance and Installation at COFA (UNSW Art and Design), and currently lives and operates out of Sydney.


A Stage Designer is, in a very real sense, a jack-of-all-trades. He can make blueprints and murals and patterns and light-plots. He can design fireplaces and bodices and bridges and wigs. He understands architecture, but is not an architect: can paint a portrait, but is not a painter: creates costumes, but is not a couturier. Although he is able to call upon any or all of these varied gifts at will, he is not concerned with any one of them to the exclusion of the others, nor is he interested in any one of them for its own sake. These talents are only the tools of his trade. His real calling is something quite different. He is an artist of occasions.

Robert Edmund Jones, from The Dramatic Imagination