Blog Virgin

Hi All!

This is my first ever blog post through my website!

I had pretty much always been of the opinion that personal blogs are the internet equivalent of a really bad selfie, and by that token I’d made a conscious effort to keep my thoughts and experiments to myself, however lately that opinion has been morphing somewhat as I start looking at it as a new way of preserving memories through a creative platform.  A digital archive, a travel diary, a portfolio, a place to share memories and processes, anything I want. Its mine to share. And being ashamed of sharing is just downright unhelpful, in every freakin’ way.

It can be so much more than a digital wank-fest with the right people, attitude and tools, and I’m making an effort to approach it with a newfound optimism.

A big concern of mine was “What the actual hell do I write? What should I be sending out into the ether??” and I felt the crushing responsibility to put something out of ‘value’. But what I value might be total crap to you. So I’ve decided that this whole venture is about self expression, not preaching. I don’t want to change your world, I just want to show you a bit of mine. And with that, the anvil has lifted.

Some wise words from a very good blogging friend of mine, were that it really doesn’t matter what you say or where you start; you find that out along the way. What matters is that you just MAKE something and share it. And that you keep on doing that.

And I intend to do just that, yo.

Get ready for some odd shit coming at you, from my brain to your screen!